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New Military Retirement
Why Change It?
How Will It Work?
Who Is Affected?
Current vs New Plans
Current Military Retirement
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You earn your military retirement every single day.  Learn all about the new military retirement. 
Current Retirement Plan
Learn all about the current plan for Military Retirement.
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New Retirement Plan
Everything you need to know about the new retirement plan.
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Military Retirement News
Check the latest news from the DoD about the new retirement.
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Alert Icon Panetta said new military retirement would not affect serving service members.
Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said today "People in the service today will come under the current retirement system, which gives retirees 50 percent of their base pay after 20 years of service." [read more]

Every Service Member and their Family will be affected by the New Military Retirement Plan. We are collecting as much information as we can to help stop rumors, educated people, and let them know what may on the horizon if the New Military Retirement Plan is approved.

Please tell other Service Members and Military Families about this site so they can learn more and stay updated on the latest information about their hard-earned Military Retirement Benefits.

Did you know that only about 17% of Servicemembers serve 20+ years and collect lifetime retirement benefits?  That means that the other 83% of Servicemembers that leave service prior to hitting 20 years are contributing to the retirement of the lucky 17% that receive the benefits.

The Department of Defense has come to the conclusion that Military retirement is more generous and expensive compared to the private sector.  DoD currently pays retirees 40 years of retirement benefits for 20 years of service, Retirement funds accrued for personnel serving less than 20 years are effectively applied to the benefits of those serving more than 20 years.
To help save money, the current Military retirement plan which was created prior to the All Volunteer Force is likely to need changed to bring it more in line with the private sector. will provide information on the new Military retirement plan to keep you updated on the retirement that you have earned serving in a Military that has been at war for 10 years.  
This is not a government site and we started to this to try to dispell myths and rumors about the New Military Retirement Plan.  We are not for or against the New Military Retirement, we just want to get the information out to those that need it so they can make informed decisions about their career, retirement planning, and more.  At no time are we going to offer retirement advice, but we may offer tips such as starting to save for your retirement early.  You should always consult a certified financial planner or similar person when planning out your retirement and as mentioned above, it is never too early to start planning your retirement.
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